• Corynne Corbett

Chrissy Cabrera—Feet First: Building a Beauty Business by Exploiting a Niche

Chrissy Cabrera, the founder of Naturally London, never dreamed about becoming a beauty entrepreneur. But a rough first pregnancy, where she suffered from swollen feet and an aversion to ingredients in many foot care products, prompted her to make her own. Still, she didn't think about selling the products until the friends she gifted started asking where they could purchase her products. Along the way, she evolved her hand-crafted line of products and became a certified aromatherapist.

Chrissy shares how she transitioned through several careers, from working in the military to the federal government and running a fashion consulting business and blog. And why she held down two jobs for most of her adult life. How her conversations with God prompted her to step out of faith as she built her business. And what having her brand featured on "Good Morning America" taught her.

Plus, why every entrepreneur should have a business best friend! Learn these things and so much more on this episode of the show!

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