• Corynne Corbett

Dorian Morris: Moving from Buying to Disrupting Beauty & Wellness Using Adaptogens (CBD)

Updated: Jan 14

Beauty wasn't on Dorian Morris' mind as a career but she got a taste of the industry early when she worked with the fragrance buyer at Robinson-May. But she didn't think about it again until she'd already worked as a planner at Macy's, obtained an MBA from Harvard Business School, and done a stint working in brand management at CPG behemoth General Mills. Dorian chats with us about how she found similarities between working in food and beauty when she landed a job at Kendo, the brand incubator for Sephora, and why the scrappy environment allowed her to thrive. She points out that her next job, at Sundial Brands, where she was responsible for relaunching the Madame CJ Walker Beauty Culture brand was even scrappier. Dorian shares how a short stint at CoverGirl helped her realize that she does better in smaller environments that huge brands. After quitting that job, Dorian started exploring her next act and founded Undefined Beauty Inc. She shares why she took the leap and launched her company at the Indie Beauty Expo 2 years ago, why she wants to make quality CBD beauty and wellness products that are affordable, the challenges of working in the CBD space, why her supply change is built on conscious capitalism and why adaptogens are her next move. Dorian shares invaluable advice to new entrepreneurs and so much more in this episode. And find out what working as a server in high school and college taught her.

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