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Ginger King: How She Became a Better Cosmetic Chemist & Why Creating a Line is Like Having a Baby

Updated: Jan 14

Ginger King, President of Grace Kingdom Beauty, a cosmetic development and manufacturing company grew up in beauty. Her mother was the first woman to open a Shiseido boutique in Taiwan. Yet, even though she loved makeup and secretly wanted to be a makeup artist as a teen, she never thought that she would have a career in beauty. But her science background opened the door in ways she could never imagine.

After college, she landed her first job, at a company that processed pineapples. But she also took a part-time job at the Estee Lauder counter. At the latter, she learned first-hand about the wants and needs of the consumer. And she was able to solve a big problem at her day job by applying the knowledge she learned about how self-tanners work. Emboldened, she moved from Northern California to South California and knocked on doors until she got hired at a contract manufacturer.

From there she had roles in-house at companies like Joico and Avon. She also sold cosmetic raw materials before deciding to become an entrepreneur herself. She started a skincare brand with a partner but was inundated with requests from other entrepreneurs as well as companies who wanted her help. Her focus on clean and vegan ingredients is important to her. Ginger likens creating a beauty brand to having a baby. Each trimester is dedicated to a specific area of development and it is best not to rush it. And she created her line, Fan Love Beauty, to demonstrate that she could walk her talk.

And for any listeners interested in following in her path, Ginger breaks down the differences between being a cosmetic chemist, a product development executive, and working at a contract manufacturer so that anyone interested in these areas can make an informed decision.

Hear all of this in more on this week's episode!

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