• Corynne Corbett

Jolorie Williams: Lessons From a Leader on the Corporate Side of Beauty

In this episode, I had the pleasure of chatting with Jolorie Williams, the General Manager of Revlon. In her role, she proudly oversees the Multicultural Division, which includes Creme of Nature products and Contract Services. Jolorie loves working in haircare and even has some mannequin heads in her home where she tries out the latest products in the pipeline.

Her first job was in a non-beauty role at Bristol-Myers Squib. But at the time, they also owned Clairol, and when a position opened in their Professional Beauty Division, she landed it and never looked back. When she started, her job was in "ethnic haircare," and she loves how consumers demand has helped the category evolve.

Jolorie also held pivotal roles at L'Oréal, working in Multicultural Haircare and Lancome, overseeing makeup marketing. Then she moved over to the Estee Lauder brand, Origins, which exposed her to how a brand with freestanding retail stores operates. But there is something about haircare that Jolorie loves, so when the opportunity to join Revlon presented itself, she joined their Professional Division before she took on her recent role. She is serving her multicultural audience with passion and purpose.

Jolorie's a proud FAMU graduate with a C-Suite position. We talked about the importance of her HBCU education and how she uses her role to impact the next generation through

Creme of Nature's Legacy of Leadership initiative.


Plus, Jolorie offers five tips on succeeding on the corporate side of beauty. Make sure you stay until the end, so you don't miss them!

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