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Liv Lewis: Why Leaders Must Start By Doing, Fostering Authentic Relationships & Working On Purpose

Updated: Jan 14

If you've ever wondered what it's like to work in marketing communications, aka comms, for beauty and other CPG brands, then this conversation with Liv Lewis, Senior Vice President of Client Experience at Egami, an award-winning multicultural agency, will answer many of your questions.

Liv had her heart set on working in fashion when she first arrived in NYC. However, she couldn't envision a future being in a room full of racks of clothing. She quickly pivoted to beauty p.r. via a temp job that quickly turned permanent. There she helped launched Eternity Moments, one of Calvin Klein's blockbuster brands. But she followed the advice from one of her colleagues, who told her that working at an agency would help her learn and grow more quickly. Liv landed a job at a boutique agency and, from there, moved to a mid-sized agency. At the latter, she got a 360-degree view of creating a successful strategy for a brand versus a focus on pitching and placement.

After having her children and taking a brief sabbatical, Liv looked for a role she could sink her teeth into, and she found that at The Egami Group, where she has worked with some brands that also have a purpose-driven mission. One of them is P&G, which has the "My Black is Beautiful" initiative. They also charged Egami and some of their other partners to make them uncomfortable, so the spot "The Talk" was created, followed by "The Look." We discuss how that meaningful work continues in this age of reckoning.

Liv believes that anyone who wants to lead a team in this new "comms" world needs to know how to "do" first. Only then will they fully understand the time and commitment that is needed for the work. And those who want to enter the industry now need to be hungry, quick on their feet, and flexible.

Check out these tips and more in this week's episode!

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