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Lorrie King: What She Learned from Her Corporate Beauty Roles & Why Her Startup Targets Women 40+

Updated: Jan 14

When you hear the brands that Lorrie King has worked on it a who's who of legendary beauty brands. From her side gig at YSL Beauté, while she worked in finance, to John Frieda (before acquisition), Chloé Fragrance (with Mr. Lagerfeld), Elizabeth Taylor Fragrances, and those are just the start. Lorrie had a stellar career on the corporate side of beauty before she began working with beauty startups. She launched the skincare brand Sio before joining with her partner, Celeste Lee, to conceive and launch Caire Beauty, a line designed for the specific skincare needs for women over the age of 40! On this episode of Start Right Here, Lorrie shares some lessons from her career path, why she decided to become a beauty entrepreneur now, and why it's important to build relationships and support.

Lorrie shares that entrepreneurship has been a passion since the fourth grade when she sold sandwiches to her teaches at her East Orange, NJ elementary school. She had a jewelry line while she worked in finance too.

But the beauty industry was a detour, or to put it better, a right turn for her. Her part-time job at Bloomingdale's was to make extra money, but it exposed her to a more exciting career path than she had found in finance. She also shares how her time at Howard University prepared her for career success.

Lorrie explains why she and Celeste focused their business on menopausal skin, why skincare can't be one size fits all, and how approaching these subjects doesn't have to be depressing but a tool for empowerment. She also shares how she has built relationships that have helped her grow her business, including some that helped Caire be selected for The Entrepreneur's Roundtable Accelerator Program.

In addition, Lorrie points out how the beauty industry can benefit from having more women in leadership roles as well as why it is critical for companies to not only recognize Black consumers but Black women within their ranks who can help them find success.

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