• Corynne Corbett

Marti Moore: How Being a Beauty Buyer & Retail Marketing Executive Prepared Her for Entrepreneurship

Updated: Jan 14

Marti Moore really wanted to be a painter, but as she graduated college, her mother told her she needed a job. She landed a position in the management program at Macy's and moved up from department manager to the buying department, and her connection with beauty took off.

Marti's fondly remembers her early days, where she bought legacy lines that included Flori Roberts, Lancōme, and Fashion Fair. She quickly realized her next position as a buyer for a chain drug retailer was not for her and worked her network to land another major retailer position. She's held major beauty buying and marketing positions at Filene's, Macy's, and Lord n& Taylor and shares what it is like to go back to a company at which she had worked previously and offers advice to anyone considering a counteroffer or revisiting a previous employer. (She had three different stints at Macy's).

Marti provides insight into the diversity of product offerings both as someone in the room where decisions were being made and a customer. She explains why the path to becoming a buyer is still challenging for those with BIPOC backgrounds. And also shares how these experiences led her to beauty entrepreneurship and the launch of her own company, Melanin Grace.

Marti shares the challenges of launching a new retail concept focused on Black and Brown women during a pandemic. It forced her to shift from starting with a physical location to a direct to consumer model. She also shares how she souces the brands she showcases and how she hasn't given up creating a unique retail experience when it makes sense for her business.

Finally, she offers insights for anyone interested in following her career path.

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