• Corynne Corbett

Megan Young Gamble: Creating a Successful Beauty Brand—From Project Management to Packaging

Updated: Jan 7

Megan Young Gamble, PMP, calls herself The Project ExecutionHER and the principal consultant at Get Level Consulting. She used transferrable skills in project management to move from working at a car rental company and claims to beauty. She has also created a successful career in the beauty industry while living in Georgia, proving opportunities outside New York and Los Angeles exist.

She landed a position at Astral Brands because they were looking for someone from outside the industry who could bring a fresh perspective to work. Megan leaned heavily on her project management skills as she mastered the steep beauty learning curve.

While working at Astral, she was exposed to different beauty brand distribution models through the four companies they oversaw: Aloette, butter London, Cosmedix, and Pur. Megan also learned the ins and outs of packaging.

With all of this knowledge, Megan set out on an entrepreneurial path with her own company, Get Level Consulting, where she assists her clients to take their ideas for beauty brands from concept to the retail shelf.

Find out Megan's essential advice for indie and larger brands alike, what they might overlook when bringing their brands to retail shelves, and more.

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