• Corynne Corbett

Ron Robinson: On Why Understanding the Customer is Critical & Creating a Breakthrough Beauty Product

Updated: Jan 14

Ron Robinson's mother wanted all of her sons to be doctors. Ron, who is now the Founder and CEO of BeautyStat Cosmetics, went as far as attending medical school before he decided it wasn't for him. Putting his background in chemistry to work he landed a job at Clinique and one of the first products he helped to formulate was their Turnaround products. From there he moved to mass brand Revlon and later Avon. Each job brought him closer to understanding the consumer.

During the early days of social media, Ron saw a gap in the market and created the first iteration of BeautyStat which was a beauty community where he and a team of experts gave insider information about products and trends. But the stability of Vitamin C was a constant question he was asked about as an expert. He and a former colleague decided to work on a side project where they set out to stabilize this sought after ingredient and BeautyStat Cosmetics was born.

Ron explains how his hero product, Universal C Skin Refiner, has become the darling of not only editors, racking up numerous awards, as well as consumers. How in just one year, the line has expanded both the products it offers and the outlets through which it is available. And how Covid-19 and the beauty industry's response has impacted his business.

Ron explains that his position as a cosmetic chemist has made him view the clean beauty movement differently, why it is important for him to support BIPOC women in beauty and what types of individuals make the best entrepreneurs.

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