• Corynne Corbett

Tasha Turner: Creating An Editorial Urban Beauty Aesthetic & Why Virtual Mentorship is Her Next Move

Updated: Jan 14

Tasha Turner thought that she would have a career in fashion, especially after she landed her first job as a booker at Elite Runway. But editorial came calling. She was the first Black editorial hire at Town & Country, working as an assistant in the beauty and accessories departments, but while she learned to be an editor there she knew that it wasn't her long-term home. It was at her next job, at Vibe where she again worked in beauty and accessories that she found her happy place. There she could create stories and images that represented the urban Black girl, who pushed style boundaries. Tasha shares how she has always represented Black girls/women even when it isn't popular and how she brought her full self to work not only at Vibe but in her later roles at Essence and In Style. She shares that aha moment that led her to entrepreneurship and the formation of her company, Beauty Beat NYC.

Tasha talks about why she created her College program, where she partners with a number of top HBCUs, why beauty brands need to understand younger Black Millennials as well as Gen-Zs, and how she evolving her business model to meet the current times by creating a virtual mentorship program. To find out more about the program, go to Beauty Beat NYC.

She also shares how fighting for the beauty needs of Black women has changed and talks fight those creating content today are currently undertaking.

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